Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Live My May To Eat The Clover!

Session 1:

Spyridoula: Shit high and gaze?

CineStef: And on the top, cinnamon!

Spyridoula: I saw Jesus soldier...

CineStef: Oh my! Whatever we remember, we enjoy!

Spyridoula: Catch the egg and mow it...

CineStef: Gee, say greetings to the sycamore!

Spyridoula: Good wines!

CineStef: And cucumber drums!

Spyridoula: Mariori had everything, except the yashmak!

CineStef: And then try to prove that you are not an elephant!

Spyridoula: Forty five Johns, one rooster's knowledge!

CineStef: But house without John prosperity not hold!

Spyridoula: It's not John, it's Johnny!

CineStef: Whatever appears to the wacky Stephanie!

Spyridoula: The donkey called the rooster big-headed!

CineStef: Dumped the mare on the threshing floor!

Spyridoula: The Jew moved to go to the bazaar and it was day Saturday.

CineStef: Be healthy little water taps!

Spyridoula: Are we going to play the pumpkin plant?

CineStef: Slow the cabbages!

Session 2:

Spyridoula: Wherever you hear many cherries, hold a small basket!

CineStef: Lames and blinds to St. Pantaleon!

Spyridoula: One cuckoo does not bring spring!

CineStef: Three chickadees are sitting!

Spyridoula: He who has a lot of pepper, puts on the cabbages as well!

CineStef: Cocks blue!

Spyridoula: Here the world is being lost and the cunt is combing itself.

CineStef: I will get nucleoskulliosis!

Spyridoula: Stop hiding behind your finger!

CineStef: Finger and green horses!

Spyridoula: We still haven't seen him and we named him John!

CineStef: Much the money, my Aris!

Spyridoula: Every rascal in his own bench!

CineStef: And the god terror wants!

Spyridoula: He doesn't give water to his angel!

CineStef: He is elsewhere and elsewhere!

Spyridoula: Someone gave him a horse and he was looking at its teeth!

CineStef: On appetite zucchini pie said the donkey and ate the soap!

Spyridoula: You want the pie whole and the dog full!

CineStef: The door is open and the dogs tied up!

Spyridoula: The gipsy found his generation and his heart rejoiced!

Session 3:

CineStef: Give space to orgy! [opps] ...to wrath!

Spyridoula: Swing that swung you!

CineStef: Crazy priest has baptized you!

Spyridoula: From crazy and youngster you learn the truth!

CineStef: The craziness does not go to the mountains!

Spyridoula: When Moameth doesn't go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Moameth!

CineStef: I'm taking of my eyes and will take the mounts the wild mountains!

Spyridoula: With the tail between the legs!

CineStef: Like the cold the waters!

Spyridoula: Which good wind brought you here?

CineStef: I stayed in the colds of the bathroom!

Spyridoula: Where does it ache and where does it slay you?

CineStef: I have slaughterer on my side!

Spyridoula: I have a headache all over my body (Arkas)

CineStef: Happiness to the thing!

Spyridoula: The whore wants to hide and the happiness doesn't let her!

Jimmy Rose: Ρε παιδιά, slow the much-oil...

CineStef: Slow the much pity!

Spyridoula: Slow the eggs!

Jimmy Rose: What did you have John? What I had always!

Spyridoula: Don't look at me with half an eye!

Session 4:

CineStef: What we had, what we lost!

Vangelis: Something runs at the gypsies’!

Spyridoula: The world has it drum and we secret pride!

CineStef: One of the thief, two of the thief!

Spyridoula: The pot rolled and found the lid!

CineStef: The scull's place!

Spyridoula: At the devil's mother!

CineStef: It will happen the whore's the railing!

Spyridoula: It will happen what has never happened before!

CineStef: Yeah, because all pigs have the same nose!

CineStef: My pills! I ate to the blow-up!

Spyridoula: You made her terrace!

CineStef: Have your eyes four hundred!

Spyridoula: I have eyes in my back as well!

CineStef: The beast scared the John, and the John scared the beast!

Penny: And then try to convince the hens that you are not corn!

Spyridoula: To the throat it should sit to you!

CineStef: I will write you to my old shoes!

Spyridoula: Slow the bloods!

Spyridoula: I am doing her with light hops! We say them!

Session 5:

CineStef: Bad Dog death does not have!

Spyridoula: Pull me and let me cry!

CineStef: Far it rains!

Spyridoula: You are deeply nighted!

CineStef: That's because I go to sleep with the chickens!

Spyridoula: The smart bird gets caught from the nose!

CineStef: The chicken the sky looks when drinks the water!

Spyridoula: What is the crab, what is its juice!

CineStef: The old the chicken has the juice!

Spyridoula: I will let you boil in your own juice!

CineStef: I will blow up from my bad!

Spyridoula: Don't you get bored...

CineStef: I hanged them to the rooster!

Spyridoula: Hmmm, I won't sit to burst!

CineStef: They didn't slaughter!

Spyridoula: This conversation is all the money!

CineStef: Each to his kind and the Loumides to the coffees!

Spyridoula: Each one with his pain!

CineStef: You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Spyridoula: Silk underwear requires skilled butts...

CineStef: He grew up with silver spoons!

Session 6:

Spyridoula: He grew up in the feathers!

CineStef: And he became bundle!

Spyridoula: He has ridden the rod!

CineStef: Plugged letter you read!

Spyridoula: What we had, what we lost!

CineStef: You are very cycleremembering! We said that one, but you, the same violin!

Spyridoula: I am already bitterly sorry about that then! I will turn the page and will write only new things from now on!

CineStef: You are sleeping and your luck is working!

Spyridoula: You are sleeping standing!

CineStef: That's because black blackness has fallen, black like a jackdaw bird!

Spyridoula: Tar dark!

CineStef: Learned are the mountains!

Spyridoula: You are elsewhere for elsewhere!

CineStef: To me you say?

Spyridoula: Even if you are a priest, you will go with your row!

Cinestef: You’ve swollen me! I’m doing her from here. Health happiness dan!

The moral of this story:

Pull find edge!!!!


maya said...


απίστευτο !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

μπράβο ρε στέφανε !
τέλειο ?
το κάναμε πολύ αυτο παλιά αλλά έτσι όλα μαζεμένα ...
τι γέλιο !!!!

you are unplayable !


Cinestef said...

Sometimes I am not eatable, Maya!

Καλημέρα και σε σένα!

provato said...

γιου άρε γκόντ. έντ δε τού!

"Αισθηματική ηλικία" said...

(γελω νονεστοπι)

yet another said...

ψηφιζουμε και τα αγαπημενα μας??
- the cunt is combing itself.
και (το καλυτερο):
-Health happiness DAN!!!

τελειοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοο :)

Cinestef said...

Άι εμ μάι ντήαρ, άι εμ!

Χαίρομαι! Χαίρομαι!

@yet another
χε χε χε
Αν τα είχαμε γράψει και όλα, δεν θα είχαμε τελειωμό.

Πάρε κι ένα που δεν γράψαμε:
-How are you?
-One happiness and two terrors!

Negma said...

Νά' στε καλά ρε παιδιά!!! Τι γέλιο είν' αυτό πρωινιάτικο!!!!!!!!!!!!



Πάρτε κι ένα που μού 'ρθε τώρα:

The skew cock blaims the hair.


Καλημέρες και φιλιά Στεφ μου!!!!!!!

Negma said...

Μού 'ρθε κι άλλο:

Begged cunt, sour fuck

maya said...


καλημέεεεεερα !!!!

bad dog, death has not .

the cunt moors a boat .

from voice, cunt
but from cunt big voice .

κι έχουμε και δουλειά !!!!
αρε στέλλα !
άρε στέλλα !

South Of The River said...

for the dick upon...

maya said...

record you make me ?

μπορούμε όλη μέρα να λέμε ...

they fly like the dick from the grass !

alienlover said...

we sit the boat

eliosa sto gelio, congrats!

Cinestef said...

@Maya, Alienlover, Southoftheriver, Negma

Βλέπω πήρατε φόρα κι εσείς.

Νέγκμα μου, τι είναι το σκιου κοκ???