Friday, 29 June 2007

The Smell of Hell

It was dusk when I drove through this burnt forest.
The calmness was unsettling.
I wasn't there when all hell had broken loose and everything around me was burnt to ashes.
It was too quiet.
Yet, if one was to listen carefully, the sounds of burning leaves, trees, birds and animals still lingered in the air.
Haunting one's senses, the charring smell of burnt... life.
...Just another moment when Hell makes evident its presence on Earth.


adiple said...

Η κόλαση μέσα από χέρι ανθρώπου... τι άλλο. Αυτή η μυρωδιά... Αυτή η μαυρίλα... αυτός ο φόβος...

g for george said...

Δεν βλέπω ειδήσεις... αρνούμαι.
Πείτε ότι εθελοτυφλώ. Όμως ΑΥΤΟ δεν το αντέχω. Ειλικρινά.