Sunday, 1 July 2007

The Continuing Saga of: The Trip to Foxville - Episode V


The last couple of days, for those of you who know, I was wired to a Holter machine. Anyway, I wasn't expecting the doctor to paste this thing on me on the weekend so I got stuck lugging it around and sweating to death in this heat. Screwed up my weekend swim, the darn thing.
When I saw myself in the mirror, I remembered scenes from when they were putting together the Bionic Man with all the wires and stuff. So I decided to play the part for 24 hours.
So, off I went, with laptop and all, to my favourite home-away-from-home, Foxville.
It was my second visit there this year. The first being April 30th.
I snuck into the garden, thinking that everyone else was sleeping. I set up the laptop and began to subtitle.
It started to rain.
It's weird, but I kinda liked doing work on a hot summer afternoon, out in the veranda among the droplets of rain, the chirping of birds and and the far off voices of people on the beach.
The damned Holter thing itched a lot.
Then Blue-Eyes walked into the garden. B.E. was on the beach. I had been quiet for no reason.
I stopped subtitling and we had lunch. What a sultry afternoon!
B.E. was sleepy. So was I, but since "the show must go on," I had to sit and work.
A couple of hours later, I found myself giving Subtitling 101 seminars to friends and neighbours in Foxville.
All were in awe.
B.E. was in awe awe!
And then came the blackmail.
"What kind of coffee would you like Cin?"
"There's one kind of coffee, baby! Greek!"
"Ok, you want coffee? Go water the lemon trees!"
I watered lemon trees for my coffee! Yes, I did.
[And shhhhh! Don't tattle on me, but I loved it!!!]
Everyone complained.
"Why are you making him water lemon trees for coffee?"
The answer could have come from a hot black mamma and sounded something like this: "Well honey, I ain't gonna make no Greek coffee for no urban jive turkey sitting on his ass subtitling without making him work for it, girl!"
Ok, it was in Greek and it wasn't exactly like that... just took some poetic justice for the sake of this post.
And as everyone debated on this very serious issue, I rose from my pious task of watering lemon trees, and declared that:
I would drop anything I am doing and drive all the way to Foxville just for a cup of Greek coffee made my B.E. juste pour moi!
And I meant it! And I mean it!
But then, the coffee was drank, the trees watered, the subtitles done and the time to take the laptop a la braccetta and head on to Athens.
After my usual fare-thee-wells with B.E., I was driving up the mountain heading for Mansionsville, when a saw a fox, with its eyes glowing in the dark from my head light [it's one, the other burnt out and I haven't changed it yet] crossing the street.
Finally, after all those visits to Foxville, I finally saw an honest to goodness, real live, puffy tailed, pointy nosed, fox.
"Mmmm, foxy," I thought to myself. The town is living up to its name finally.
Later on, I pulled over to the side in the highway, somewhere close to Whitetowerville, and saw, for the first time, a full moon that was red, red, red, bloody red...
Scary, yet fascinating. B.E., could you see it from Foxville?
Attica Road was empty... I drove back to L.A. and listened, after many years, to one of my favourite albums by Alceste, "I get round and I carry a gun..."
...with B.E. and lemons on my mind, greek coffee on the pallot, and a red full moon staring straight at me in the face at a mere 100 kilometers an hour.

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