Saturday, 21 April 2007

Alone On Stage

Baring One's Soul to the world and Declaring One's Love to the Universe.
“As you set out on the voyage to Ithaca,
wish your road to be long,
full of adventure, full of knowledge.”

Constantine P. Cavafy, 1911
There are times in this life when life imitates art and art imitates life.
In this case I don’t know which of the two has happened… but no matter.
Two bright souls came together under the most bizarre of circumstances… and stayed together. Lived, loved, and traveled… together;
not as “one,”
but two…
They traveled the world and traveled through life.
They broke Ulysses’ record...
...because all this traveling lasted for four and a half decades.
It began in England… and contrary to what many might think, it continues to this day in Ithaca. They encountered monsters along the way, sea storms, ghosts and spirits, royalty and the common man, opera singers, teachers, headmasters, clergy and four harp-playing women from Russia who made traveling through the Canadian winter bearable.
During this time, while the one was performing alone, the other was working and observing alone backstage. Yet, in this case, the word “alone” really looses its meaning.
Upon their arrival in Ithaca, they encountered yet another warrior in life, who was and is my link to these two wonderful travelers.
Why am I writing all this and what does the title of the this post mean?
I won’t disclose any info just yet. It’s a work still in progress.
I just want to say that his post is dedicated to my friend, who dared to bare his soul to the world by opening his memory banks and recording it all on paper, boldly declaring to the Universe and to his co-traveler that

“My love is boundless and is centered all on you!"

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