Tuesday, 10 April 2007

O Paraksenos Taksidiotis

I am writing this post while on the F/B Lissos, while floating somewhere between the Cretan Sea and the Aegean.
The feeling is wierd. Sattelite internet. Kinda scary. But you guys know that I can't do without you all so I am taking advantage of any technological developments to log on and say Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Hello Vancouver!
Hello London and Edinburgh!
Hello Athens, Chania, Volos and Thessaloniki!
Hello to [eek!] Toronto and Cambridge!
Hello Votanikos, Nikaia, Kiourka, Igoumenitsa, Kavala and Katerini!
[I love this!]
And a special hello to Bologna and Barcelona!
The weather is great. The sun is shining. For the first couple of hours the Figster and I did some sun tanning up on the deck. Now he is up in his doggie cabin with a few other cocker spaniels, poodles, a rottweiler and some other real fuzzy cutie pies.
When Crete disappeared in the distance I decided to come write.
So, I hope everyone had a great Easter and may you get back home safely and a few pounds overweight.
So, as I float away from my dear bloggi, I bid you all ta taaaaaa and see ya in Athens!!!!
Off I go to chase pirates in the Cretan high seas and to sing some seabound ditties up on the deck with da captain!
E ya molla! E ya lessa!
[If anyone can tell me what the hell that means, I'd appreciate it.]


suzettedelacrepe-babiniot said...

α) κραυγή ιθαγενών που τσακώνονται.
β)η κρεατοελιά επιστημονικά.
γ)amola= αμόλα (προστακτική) σκοινί και lessa= άφησε σκοινί (και πάλι)!!! Είναι συνομιλία μεταξύ ναυτικών. θα έλεγα το γ.

Jason Argonaut said...

Τώρα το πλοίο έχει σαλπάρει κι από τα μάτια σβήνει η στεριά! Μεσ΄τα κατάρτια πετούνε οι γλάροι κι εγώ σου λέω έχε γειά! Γκρίτινγκς φρομ Λόντον μαι ντήαρ!

Aggelos Spyrou said...

Ελπίζω να πέρασες καλά το Πάσχα.

Μάλλον είμαι σίγουρος, για να τελειώνεις με ναυτικές κραυγές... 0:)

Cinestef said...

@Suzette Dela Crepe
Merci, ma chere, de la clarification. C'est comme on dit... αμόλα καλούμπα κούλα, non?

@Jason Argonaut

@Άγγελο Σπύρου
Έι, κύριε πειρατήηηηηηηηη, το τόπι μου!