Sunday, 2 September 2007

CineStef adores Rockwell Blake

Aria: Terra Amica
Opera: Zelmira (1822)
Composer: Gioachino Antonio Rossini

Ok, like, how much air do this man's lungs hold?
I remember seeing this performance live on the air on February 29, 1992!
After watching this, we were all left gasping for air!!!
...and he just makes it look so easy!!!
Note: He hits a high Do after 13 seconds and then continues with coloraturas for another 10 seconds and all with one breath.
Enjoy even if you don't like opera!
Rockwell Blake is the ultimate male Rossini singer. No doubt about it!

Wanna see more?
Wanna hear him hold the last note for 19 seconds?
Press here!


Parsifal said...

To pio entypwsiako einai oti sto finale apo thn aria tou L Occasione fa il ladro, kanei diminuendo k meta crescendo enw einai sta teleiwmata tou aera tou. Sthn ekdoxh pou exeis me link de fainetai kala...Try this

....edw svhnei entelws th nota k thn teleiwnei me ena aaaagrio crescendo.

Aggelos Spyrou said...

g for george said...

Νομίζω ότι έχω μείνει άφωνος...

Jesus Christ and the holy Apostles, όπως λέει και η γιαγιά μου...