Saturday, 28 July 2007

I dare say, hath I gone righteously and blundering, dog-gone mad?

What a week! T’was madness, says I!

Aside from the fact that I had no internet, I was forced to drive to the office to deliver my work. Under any other circumstances, I wouldn’t care, but not in this Heat!!! With two very difficult documentaries and a series of Looney Toons and Scooby Doos to do, what can a guy do?

Did I mention that: My phone line is down? That most of the light bulbs in the house burnt? That the dog puked? The doorbell won’t ring? I turned two pizzas into basic carbon? I made Greek coffee in the microwave? Got cramps on both of my gampes at the same time while trying to get out of bed?

After a long visit to the tax department fun park and many visits to the bank… Tax people don’t come cheap, you know. After an accountant who made a small mistake in an old tax return, a lawyer who was running in the heat just to get me out of this diddly and a series of people who were generally freaking out… [full moon coming] how can I not start jollily doing cartwheels and singing along with Daffy Duck the following ditty?

Can I do otherwise?

I think not!


g for george said...

I reeeaally do believe you're putting us on!

There's no way all that happened!

maya said...

when it rains
it pours!
chin up!

Cinestef said...

Τζι μου, φαντάσου ότι δεν τα έγραψα όλα!

You are sooooooo right!
And it's been pouring a lot lately!

g for george said...

Οκ, τώρα το βουλώνω μετά την δική μου μέρα και το κόμμεντ σου!

Είναι παιδί μου να μην πει κουβέντα κανείς.. μετά πάει και τα λούζεται ο ίδιος! Μόκο δεν θα βγάλω από 'δω και πέρα!