Tuesday, 27 March 2007

I Think He's Gay

Okay, so most of you who know me, know that I am a bit of an opera freak. So, doesn't it make sense that the first porn I ever rented in my life ended up having this (sort of) operatic performance? The song is by Pussy Tourette from the CD "Pussy Tourette in Hi-Fi" and is seen in the film, "Bi Now, Pay Later." The Greek subtitles are horrid, they give you an idea of what is sung, but are more or less άσχετοι. Enjoy!

And by popular demand, the LYRICS!!!:

I hope he’s not a fag
I hope he’s not a drag queen
I hope he’s not a queer
I hope he’s not a misfit

Although I’d have to say
That with each passing day
I have a few of my doubts
I think he’s gay!

He drives a car in gear
With a pink interior
With a lovely tux
That makes mine seem inferior
In the hottest weather
He wears pants of leather
With a hat to match
I think he’s gay!

Oh, if I only had the chance
I’d be his lovely girl
And if I only had the chance
I know he’d dance and twirl
But he much better swim to France
Than have to kiss a girl

If I had muscles and a tan
A face like superman
With something in my jeans
Well then he’d probably marry me

He speaks of Jane Russell
And how he loves the hustle
Talks like Liberace
Walks like Wilma Flintstone

There it sounds far fetched
But when we’re playing catch
His wrists seem unattached
Why do his clothes all match?
Why won’t he touch my snatch?
I think he’s gay!


Oceano Notturno said...

Και αν δεν είναι όντως gay, με τέτοιες γυναίκες πως να μην το προσποιηθεί;;;

Jason Argonaut said...

ΚΑΤΑΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΟ! Αν το έχεις σε mp3, θα το ήθελα!