Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Live My May To Eat The Clover!

Session 1:

Spyridoula: Shit high and gaze?

CineStef: And on the top, cinnamon!

Spyridoula: I saw Jesus soldier...

CineStef: Oh my! Whatever we remember, we enjoy!

Spyridoula: Catch the egg and mow it...

CineStef: Gee, say greetings to the sycamore!

Spyridoula: Good wines!

CineStef: And cucumber drums!

Spyridoula: Mariori had everything, except the yashmak!

CineStef: And then try to prove that you are not an elephant!

Spyridoula: Forty five Johns, one rooster's knowledge!

CineStef: But house without John prosperity not hold!

Spyridoula: It's not John, it's Johnny!

CineStef: Whatever appears to the wacky Stephanie!

Spyridoula: The donkey called the rooster big-headed!

CineStef: Dumped the mare on the threshing floor!

Spyridoula: The Jew moved to go to the bazaar and it was day Saturday.

CineStef: Be healthy little water taps!

Spyridoula: Are we going to play the pumpkin plant?

CineStef: Slow the cabbages!

Session 2:

Spyridoula: Wherever you hear many cherries, hold a small basket!

CineStef: Lames and blinds to St. Pantaleon!

Spyridoula: One cuckoo does not bring spring!

CineStef: Three chickadees are sitting!

Spyridoula: He who has a lot of pepper, puts on the cabbages as well!

CineStef: Cocks blue!

Spyridoula: Here the world is being lost and the cunt is combing itself.

CineStef: I will get nucleoskulliosis!

Spyridoula: Stop hiding behind your finger!

CineStef: Finger and green horses!

Spyridoula: We still haven't seen him and we named him John!

CineStef: Much the money, my Aris!

Spyridoula: Every rascal in his own bench!

CineStef: And the god terror wants!

Spyridoula: He doesn't give water to his angel!

CineStef: He is elsewhere and elsewhere!

Spyridoula: Someone gave him a horse and he was looking at its teeth!

CineStef: On appetite zucchini pie said the donkey and ate the soap!

Spyridoula: You want the pie whole and the dog full!

CineStef: The door is open and the dogs tied up!

Spyridoula: The gipsy found his generation and his heart rejoiced!

Session 3:

CineStef: Give space to orgy! [opps] ...to wrath!

Spyridoula: Swing that swung you!

CineStef: Crazy priest has baptized you!

Spyridoula: From crazy and youngster you learn the truth!

CineStef: The craziness does not go to the mountains!

Spyridoula: When Moameth doesn't go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Moameth!

CineStef: I'm taking of my eyes and will take the mounts the wild mountains!

Spyridoula: With the tail between the legs!

CineStef: Like the cold the waters!

Spyridoula: Which good wind brought you here?

CineStef: I stayed in the colds of the bathroom!

Spyridoula: Where does it ache and where does it slay you?

CineStef: I have slaughterer on my side!

Spyridoula: I have a headache all over my body (Arkas)

CineStef: Happiness to the thing!

Spyridoula: The whore wants to hide and the happiness doesn't let her!

Jimmy Rose: Ρε παιδιά, slow the much-oil...

CineStef: Slow the much pity!

Spyridoula: Slow the eggs!

Jimmy Rose: What did you have John? What I had always!

Spyridoula: Don't look at me with half an eye!

Session 4:

CineStef: What we had, what we lost!

Vangelis: Something runs at the gypsies’!

Spyridoula: The world has it drum and we secret pride!

CineStef: One of the thief, two of the thief!

Spyridoula: The pot rolled and found the lid!

CineStef: The scull's place!

Spyridoula: At the devil's mother!

CineStef: It will happen the whore's the railing!

Spyridoula: It will happen what has never happened before!

CineStef: Yeah, because all pigs have the same nose!

CineStef: My pills! I ate to the blow-up!

Spyridoula: You made her terrace!

CineStef: Have your eyes four hundred!

Spyridoula: I have eyes in my back as well!

CineStef: The beast scared the John, and the John scared the beast!

Penny: And then try to convince the hens that you are not corn!

Spyridoula: To the throat it should sit to you!

CineStef: I will write you to my old shoes!

Spyridoula: Slow the bloods!

Spyridoula: I am doing her with light hops! We say them!

Session 5:

CineStef: Bad Dog death does not have!

Spyridoula: Pull me and let me cry!

CineStef: Far it rains!

Spyridoula: You are deeply nighted!

CineStef: That's because I go to sleep with the chickens!

Spyridoula: The smart bird gets caught from the nose!

CineStef: The chicken the sky looks when drinks the water!

Spyridoula: What is the crab, what is its juice!

CineStef: The old the chicken has the juice!

Spyridoula: I will let you boil in your own juice!

CineStef: I will blow up from my bad!

Spyridoula: Don't you get bored...

CineStef: I hanged them to the rooster!

Spyridoula: Hmmm, I won't sit to burst!

CineStef: They didn't slaughter!

Spyridoula: This conversation is all the money!

CineStef: Each to his kind and the Loumides to the coffees!

Spyridoula: Each one with his pain!

CineStef: You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Spyridoula: Silk underwear requires skilled butts...

CineStef: He grew up with silver spoons!

Session 6:

Spyridoula: He grew up in the feathers!

CineStef: And he became bundle!

Spyridoula: He has ridden the rod!

CineStef: Plugged letter you read!

Spyridoula: What we had, what we lost!

CineStef: You are very cycleremembering! We said that one, but you, the same violin!

Spyridoula: I am already bitterly sorry about that then! I will turn the page and will write only new things from now on!

CineStef: You are sleeping and your luck is working!

Spyridoula: You are sleeping standing!

CineStef: That's because black blackness has fallen, black like a jackdaw bird!

Spyridoula: Tar dark!

CineStef: Learned are the mountains!

Spyridoula: You are elsewhere for elsewhere!

CineStef: To me you say?

Spyridoula: Even if you are a priest, you will go with your row!

Cinestef: You’ve swollen me! I’m doing her from here. Health happiness dan!

The moral of this story:

Pull find edge!!!!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Ε, ναι λοιπόν...
Είμαι κι εγώ ένας από τους πρωταγωνιστές της αιματοκυλισμένης ιστορίας του φοβερού και τρομερού τρομομυθοπλάστη,
Ε, ναι λοιπόν...
Ήμουν κι εγώ εκεί!

Θα το αντέξουν να νεύρα σας;
Θα το αντέξει η "ΚΑΡΔΙΑ" σας;
Δείτε το trailer που ακολουθεί και αν τολμάτε...

Και αν επιζήσει κανείς...
Θα υπάρξει και συνέχεια...